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The difference between and Master B/L and a House B/L

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There are a few differences between a house bill of lading (HBL) and a master bill of lading (MBL) when setting up your international shipping containers. The Master is the bill of lading (B/L) that a forwarder or NVOCC will receive from the container shipping line. You may have one B/L to one container or there may be several containers on the Master B/L as part of the freight forwarding services. This B/L has the container number(s) and all of the same shipping information regarding your shipment. In fact, many times they will match almost exactly if you are shipping a full container. The main differences will be that the consignee, shipper, and notify party will include the forwarder or NVOCC on the MBL since they will be handling the cargo through the process. The HBL is issued to the actual shipper from the forwarder or NVOCC. This will include your freight shipping rates, etc that have been quoted to you. Finally, the B/L numbers for each are less significant to the shipper than they are to the forwarder or NVOCC and the container line.

Finding Trucking Jobs

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Finding a trucking jobs  online can be done if you can find the right websites. You can check out trucking company profiles by category or by geographical area. When you find one you like you can submit  your job application to that company, or any number of companies online, through the site. This gives the driver seeking employment a lot of control over his job search, and that’s good. There are literally hundreds of trucking job opportunities on some websites, with a choice of  virtually every type of truck: vans , refrigerators, drop deck, double, triples, flatbed trucks, specialized trucks and tanker trucks, over the road or regional or dedicated positions , or even local truck driving jobs  can be found.

There are many opportunities  out there. Check out the company driver, owner operator, lease-purchase and team opportunities and see for yourself. It only requires filling out an application and sending it online to find the truck driving job that you’re looking for.

Finding high paying truck driving jobs is as simple as following these steps; First, decide what area of driving interest you have, for example, owner-operator or company driver. The you can find a list of the companies that have opportunities for drivers  like you. The n fill out you application and submit it to those companies.

The best websites are the ones that offer you more than just   job listings . The best websites offer assistance from people working on them who have real truck driving  experience.

Tips on Shopping for Retread Tires

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Article written by Future Finance Solutions


Retread tires are a life saver for many motorists. They are cheaper and can sometimes last as long as brand new tires. The times are hard and if you are looking for a bargain in tires, you could go for retreads. Fitting tires on a 26 wheeler for instance would require a sizeable investment and if the money is not available, retreads can always do. Some motorists have had bad experience with badly done retreads but in most instances, retread tires will always serve as well as new tires.

When buying retreads, be very careful to look at the way the retreading has been done. A clear gap that is visible from the side will tell you that the outer layer has not been properly attached. Again the depth of the tracks should be sufficient. This will show that the tire had not very thin before retreading. A very thin tire will most likely burst after a few days of heavy use. Commercial truck tires are especially sensitive to width as the loading has to be amply supported.

There are many dealers of rims and tires in Maryland. Choose one who can offer good prices and a discount. Apart from pricing, the dealer should have more incentives like a good warranty and guarantee. This will give an assurance of quality and comfort in knowing that you can always get compensation for poor goods. Deals on service should also be on the table. Having a good set of retread tires will save you some good money.

Owner Operator Trucking Jobs

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A truck driver is expected to drive a large capacity vehicle, typically more than three tons, and deliver that load to a specified destination by a specific time. In owner operator truck driving jobs  the driver is expected to find the loads he is supposed to haul and schedule the jobs. That means the trucker has to wear a lot of different hats, and deal with responsibilities that are no less important to jis livleyhood than getting the load to its destination on time. The upside is that owner operator is his own boss.

At the opposite end of the spectrum of truck drivers, are those drivers who have  dedicated truck driving jobs . The advantage for these drivers lies in security and predictability, of their schedule, of the number of miles they will cover, of when they can be home, and of their paycheck. While they don’t call the shots, they can expect an income that is as reliable as their employers company is. Although these days no one feels their job is completely secure, the dedicated truck driver can leave most of the worrying to the main office and focus on hauling the freight that he’s responsible for.

A class A truck is popularly known as a tractor trailer, and these are trucks we usually thing of when we hear the words “truck driver”. Finding a
class a truck driving jobs  requires that one have a class A license, since the big rigs are notoriously difficult to handle.