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Truck Driving Jobs of Today

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One of the fastest growing careers today is truck driving jobs. Although the railroads are still used extensively to get products to market, the de-regulation of the trucking industry in the early 1980’s made trucking jobs much more plentiful.  The trucking industry is always hiring new drivers on a daily basis. If you look at jobs that are available in the local paper or online, there are literally thousands of trucking jobs available.

To become a truck driver in the United States, a commercial driver’s license must be obtained. One way to quickly get a commercial driver’s license is to attend one of the many trucking schools that are in many cities. They teach the student the basics of driving a big rig while also giving them over the road experience. After the student has mastered the basics, they and an instructor will drive over the road delivering products to actual clients. They will learn the procedures expect of them when they show up to load or unload their payload.

Once the student graduates from trucking school, they must take a written test and an over the road driving test in a semi truck. If both tests are passed, they are granted a commercial drivers license to operate a semi truck. Unfortunately, most trucking companies want their operators to have at least a year behind the wheel of another large vehicle before driving their semi trucks. Most people gain employed driving flat-bed trucks, concrete trucks, or a regional truck driving job.

Once they have the one year experience, there are many companies that will hire them.

Retread Tires

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Every year, millions of tires are sold to the motoring public. After 30000 to 60000 miles, the tires wear out and more must be purchased again. It is a never ending cycle. Unfortunately, most of these used tires are ending up in a landfill. The rubber in the tires takes a really long time to break down so they are just sitting there year after year. One way to eliminate it is to use retread tires.

Retreads are used tires which have the outer rubber added onto it. Although the tires are not new, they do last nearly as long and it helps to keep millions of tires out of the local landfill. This helps the environment. People also like it because they feel like they are doing their part in protecting the environment.

If people continued to retread tires many times, it would save on average about 20 tires out of the landfill per person. This is a great savings in terms of the land required to house these tires. Another benefit is the retread tires are cheaper than a new set of tires. They are generally about sixty percent of the cost of a new tire.

One of the smallest states in the United States is Delaware. Since it is so small, they are quickly running out of room to landfill the used tires. Delaware tires may eventually have to be shipped out of the state to another state. Of course, most other states don’t want them either.

Truck Driving Jobs

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In today’s tough economic times, jobs are hard to find. People who had stable careers for long periods of time suddenly find themselves looking for a new job. Unfortunately, many other people are applying for the same positions. Many people are beginning to look outside their normal field.

Since trucking jobs are very plentiful in today’s workforce, many people are exploring truck driving jobs as an alternative. They often see the freedom of the open road and being their own boss as attractive aspects of the job. Unfortunately, they don’t see the hard work and long hours the job actually entails.

An over the road truck driver is often away from home for weeks at a time. They sleep in the cab of their trucks and shower at truck stops all the while keeping their paperwork up to date. They also must make sure their loads are not overweight or they could lose their commercial drivers license, be fined, or even jailed. Of course, if they lost their commercial driver’s license for any reason, they can no longer drive a semi truck.

Of course, there are good reasons to become a commercial truck driver. The pay is great and the freedom of the open road is alluring. Plus a truck driver gets to cross the entire nation taking in the beautiful scenery. Right now in the local newspapers, there are many Pennsylvania truck driving jobs. If you are interested in driving in the mountains of Pennsylvania or anywhere else, right now is the time to investigate the truck driving jobs in your local area.

Tire Retreads With a Guarantee

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Quality retread tires can make all the different in the world. Rather than buy retreads just because they are cheap, try to think about what exactly you need and if you can get something of a much higher standard. Michelin retreads are very high quality and are fairly affordable. If you buy cheap retreads that are not really suitable, you may end up having to buy more in the next few weeks or months, which could lead to having to regularly buy retread tires.

Not all retreads that are sold to you will come with a guarantee and other features like that. Michelin Retreads offer quality products and quality support in case you ever need their help after you have purchased retreads. The 24 hour road service has proven to be a great help to hundreds of people that have purchased retreads from Michelin. You can find out more about Michelin retreads and how tires are retreading by going onto their website. Their dedicated team of experts will be happy to assist you if you need help.

OTR tires are supplied by various different companies and wholesalers, so if you’re looking to buy them, you may be able to find them at very cheap prices and even get a discount if you are buying more than one of them. You can find new, second hand and even refurbished OTR tires. Sometimes, second hand tires are almost as good as brand new tires but they don’t cost as much, which is perfect if you have a smaller budget.