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DHL wins contract worth GBP 1.6 billion

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DHL Logistics has won a decade-long deal amounting to GBP 1.6 billion in revenue to manage a total spend of GBP 22 billion with the UK Government’s Department of Health. DHL plans to target over GBP 1 billion savings over the contract period and will run a division called NHS Supply Chain, on behalf of NHS Business Services Authority.

This contract ensures that DHL is responsible for the delivery of all procurement and logistics services across an initial 500,000 products to support 600 hospitals and other health providers in England. It ensures that public health authorities are able to dedicate more resources to patient care and continue to manage their cost base efficiently. The contract is said to lead to the creation of over 1,000 additional positions within the company.

The NHS Supply Chain will manage a wide range of products including key supplier and maintenance contracts, food, bed linen, office equipment, stationery, cleaning products, patient clothing, medical and surgical equipment dressings and provisions. The chain will also have its own management team and be governed by a Board dedicated to managing the performance of the operations and will be overseen by the NHS Business Services Authority.

Last year, DHL opened a new 250,000 sq ft UK-based distribution centre as a stockholding hub for food and other products. Approximately 1,000 extra employees were recruited to manage the distribution centre. Another distribution centre is to be opened in 2012.

Courier companies: the good and bad

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While courier companies are aplenty, they offer a number of services. These include international, domestic, same day, next day and overnight deliveries. In most cases, they all seem to offer the same service, but that is not the real picture.

With a courier company, you must evaluate the procedure they adopt and adhere to for daily work and services offered. Standards, values and practices distinguish the good from the bad.

As a small business or manufacturer, couriers have a great impact on your company image. The delivery aspect might be the main and only interaction with your customers, making it the only thing they recall about your company. While this aspect might be outsourced by you, this is immaterial to your customers and late deliveries, damaged goods due to the courier will reflect badly on your company. If your courier is late to collect a parcel from you; that is the first indication that you must find a courier that can be trusted.

If you are also forced to chase your courier to track your shipment, then it might be time to switch to one that offers real-time tracking of your packages.

The professionalism employed at the courier company is also a key factor when deciding whether to make the switch. Their customer service should be excellent, and of paramount importance to you.

When looking for a courier company look into factors such as maximum time frames for regular delivery, responsibility, reliability and of course, a good reputation in the business.

Research Your Courier Company Before You Use Them

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We will probably use a courier company to deliver something from us or to us at some point in our lives. Many courier companies today provide an array of different services that are required by organizations or individuals. However some courier companies specialize in specific areas and therefore it is vital that you do some research before you use them.

Choosing the right courier company is important because they can help you to reduce the costs and ensure that your job is done on time. Some courier companies specialize in large scale shipments within the country or across borders, while others specialize in smaller shipments such as documents and some others in running errands. If you choose a small courier company that specializes in domestic shipping to deliver a large scale shipment internationally, you could end up in trouble. One key performance indicator for courier companies is how fast they can get your package to the destination. You should also research as to what services they offer, package tracking, simulated arrival time etc. Depending on your shipments finding out what the potential courier company’s specialty area is can also help you make a decision. If they specialize in large scale international shipping for an example, it could mean that they are better equipped to handle your shipment and have efficient processes in place that would make sure that your shipment arrives on time.

You should also thoroughly read through the shipping contracts and find out, for an example, if the goods are protected by insurance. You may also want to check their client portfolio to see if they have reputable companies on their list. If they do, chances are they are good.

How Long Will a Cargo Container Last?

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A cargo container is a large container that is used for freight. The cargo container was invented to fill the need of transporting goods across states and even across the ocean. By having containers that were all the same size or shape ships could make maximum use of the space on their decks.

Today’s cargo containers are built to withstand almost anything. The design itself makes the containers extremely strong and able to hold large quantities and weights of goods. Almost all containers are made of steel. Some of these cargo containers are refrigerated in order to transport items such as meats, fish, vegetables and fruit across long distances. Due to the long lasting durability and safety of these containers 99% of today’s non-bulk cargo is shipped using containers. Cargo container’s lifespan is long and busy. Most container easily do thousands of trips around the world before they are laid to rest. Most often once the cargo container has completed its service, it is sent back to the manufacture to be broken down, melted and turned in to a brand new cargo container that will carry goods many times around the world before it returns home.

Cargo containers’ durability and safety is so high that they are used for building homes and offices. Initially construction companies built their offices using cargo containers because they could be transported on the back of truck. But in recent times, large companies such has HP and Sun have built offices welding many cargo containers together.

Weak Dollar and Northern Trucking

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There are many factors these days that are making business more difficult for FTL and LTL trucking companies. One factor that has affected businesses that operate in the Northern United States and Canada is the relative strength of the Canadian dollar. As the difference between the Loonie and the US dollar become negligible, there is far less interest in purchasing Canadian products and materials. This means less business for companies such as ABF Freight that operate in this area. With a weaker US dollar, the advantages of buying goods from Canada and transporting them across the border disappear, especially considering the complexity of paperwork for crossing the border. That paperwork means more specialized training for drivers beyond the typical freight bill audit, adding to the expense of shipping between the two countries. In any case, there is simply less work to be had, even with Canadian interest in cheaper US goods.

Why Using a Courier Service Can Help Alleviate Your Stress

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Most people see courier companies as a means of delivering documents or packages across town using a bike or messenger service. However, contrary to popular belief, courier companies engage in a myriad of services that will help your business move forward.

The largest benefit of using a courier company is that they will take care of the delivery from start to finish so that you can focus on running your business and not worry about your package being delivered. Using a courier service or delivery service is not limited to the packages that your office needs to send out. Current courier services provide additional services like doing your bank statements or delivering your mail during the day. Some courier companies also provide their clients with services like delivering lunch to the office, saving employees time and adding to their productivity.

Courier companies are not just for businesses. They are also great for conducting your personal errands. Most courier companies undertake tasks such as delivery of groceries, paying of bills, bank deposits and picking up tickets for a show or sporting event. Allowing a courier company to handle all of these means that you have more time to do the things you like to do and spend more time with your family or friends.

Looking For Cheap Courier Insurance? Where to Find It

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It is vital for courier companies to obtain insurance cover for the goods that they are shipping. Unlike motor insurance, this type is specifically designed to cover goods that you as a courier company will be transporting between a sender and a receiver. So where can you find cheap courier insurance?

The most important aspect is to find out what kind of courier insurance you require; specific to the type of goods that you will be shipping. First prepare a list of your needs that you want to put across to the insurance provider so that you can clearly communicate your requirements. It is a good idea to get in touch with an online insurance provider since they will be able to provide better rates as they incur a lower cost by providing their services online. Ask potential insurance providers about discounts that may apply to your company. Insurance companies provide discounts to attract new customers, while others provide discounts for companies that have a good shipping record. Some companies may offer extremely low rates, however beware of these and make sure you read the contracts and fine print and understand what the cover offers and doesn’t offer thoroughly. There may be situations where lesser price means lesser coverage.

Applying these basic tips will help you to secure the best possible insurance cover for your organization at the best possible price.

The Role of Cargo Agents

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The role of Cargo Agents is to arrange and track cargo and freight for trains, airlines and trucking companies. Cargo Agents generally work only with air travel and although this job description sounds simple enough it rarely is. Cargo Agents typically schedule and co-ordinate shipping for customers. The agents will typically keep information about the cargo being shipped such as their weight, type and dimensions. Agents are usually called upon to go above and beyond their generic job roll and perform miscellaneous tasks, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

Most Cargo Agents work for or alongside freight companies organizing the shipments and ensuring they are delivered to the destination on time. Cargo Agents also work for product manufactures in order to ship these products to stores across the country or the world. A typical agent earns between $20,000 and $55,000. In addition to the pay, most Cargo Agents are entitled other company benefits and many companies even pay for their uniforms. A career as Cargo Agent is a lucrative option for those who wish to get in to a profession that does not require degree.

Thus, the role of a cargo agent can be an extremely interesting and challenging one, especially if the potential Cargo Agent really likes planes and air cargo.

Same Day Courier – How it helps your Business

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A reliable courier who delivers on the same day can really accentuate your business dealings. Accuracy in transportation of goods and documents means a world of a difference in a business. Using same-day delivery services ensures that you and your business stay on top of the fast-paced business environment you operate in, in a quick and efficient manner.

When choosing a same-day delivery courier service, keep the following in mind:
– Plan how you will utilize the same-day delivery service
– Get a range of same-day delivery solutions
– Call ahead

Keep in mind that you need to consider if you need local, regional or national same-day delivery services. The types of goods and documents will also play a determining factor. You need to inform your courier about your goods upfront to avoid any kind of delays. Same day delivery couriers do move all types of items, be they fragile, confidential or bulky.

Rates for same-day delivery services are mostly based on the distance travelled and how fast you want your goods delivered. It is important that you review courier rates and schedules to ensure that you pick the service that best fits your business needs. It would be pointless to pay for a 30 minute delivery, if all you require is a 2 hour delivery window.

Make sure the goods you intend to deliver are properly packaged and ready for delivery as per courier guidelines, to ensure that you don’t encounter any snares that would delay your delivery.

Choosing a Cargo Carrier

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A cargo carrier is something you must consider when vacation time comes around. It can be strapped to the exterior of the vehicle, giving family members more space in your vehicle, making your trip comfortable and hassle-free.

If you opt for a hard carrier, it is a good choice in terms of its durability and the fact that it is waterproof. However, it is very heavy and bulky and requires two people to handle it. Storage is also inconvenient and they must be mounted on roof racks. Soft carriers come with durable storage bags, and are small enough to be stored in the trunk. Other models of soft carriers can be mounted to the rear of the car, and others only need a liner between the carrier and vehicle. Make sure the soft car top carriers you purchase are waterproof, and not just weather resistant.

Cargo carriers should be made of a hardy material that is thick and resistant to cuts and will withstand any wear and tear. The best ones are made of double vinyl-coated polyester material, meaning they are totally waterproof, durable and welded. Avoid nylon materials, which tend to rot in the sun. The zipper closure is also an important area to be checked. They should be coated in urethane to prevent rusting. Carriers with zippers located with a flap are a best buy option. Make sure the straps holding the carrier to the vehicle are separate from it, and not sewn into it, as these will probably tear off soon.

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