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The Evolution of Cars and Roads

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Posted by Phineas Upham

“The Future of Driving,” by Tom Chiarella examines the development of cars and roads over the years. The author suggests that both haven’t changed much in the last hundred years. In an effort to discover what scientists and engineers are working on today, Chiarella goes on a quest to find “the future of driving.” First, he wants to know whether there is a flying car and/or if we’re close to getting there. The closest he gets to a flying car is in fact an airplane that drives. Invented by Carl Dietrich, the “Transition” is an SUV-sized plane with folding wings. Instead of a driver’s license, one would need a sport pilot’s license to drive or fly this vehicle.

Among other developments, Chiarella finds a very interesting project underway at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, the Smart Cities project. According to the article the project “studies ways cars and cities can intelligently respond to each other.” He describes a part of the project called the City Car, an engineless vehicle run by motors within wheel casters. It would be a fully automated, fully sensored vehicle with the ability to shift in all directions much like a desk chair.

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Affordable Getaway for Couples at the Poconos

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The Pocono Mountains, which are located on the northern Pennsylvania, provide an ideal gateway destination for couples. These picturesque mountains are breathtaking and offer a much-needed serenity. Couples visiting the taking a Pocono weekend getaway can spend time one of the many resorts surrounding the Pocono Mountains. The serenity afforded by the mountains helps in the creation of a romantic atmosphere in which the couple can immerse themselves and reignite their love. Some of the Pocono resorts are designated couples only to allow the couples some privacy. The fact that couples can engage each other in numerous activities makes the Poconos an interesting place to be.

The romantic atmosphere and the scenic beauty of the Pocono Mountains make it an ideal destination for honeymooners. Newlyweds can check into one of the many honeymoon resorts and take advantage of the complementary packages that is tailored to offer the best experience to couples in love. Couples taking Pocono honeymoon can partake of numerous leisure activities that include water sports, sailing, golfing, and sport fishing. The couples can also take long romantic hikes along protected trails of the Pocono Mountains. There are nightclubs and restaurants that keep the couples entertained throughout their visit.