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Some Advice on Getting Trucking Jobs

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Being a truck driver doesn’t usually seem like a glamorous job. For some, the long hours on the road, the deadlines, and the fast-food is a major turn-off. It doesn’t have to be that way. For those of you who enjoy traveling, trucking jobs can get you from one side of the country to the other.

Truck driving jobs can be found in most states throughout the country, from Virginia to California, and everything in between. If geography doesn’t help you, perhaps look into any companies of interest. For example, there’s J.B. Hunt Transport and Texas Star Express. Check out individual companies and see if you would like to represent them.

There are hundreds of trucking job opportunities to choose from. Some companies offer van, refrigerated, drop deck, doubles/triples, flatbed, specialized, tanker, over-the-road, regional, dedicated, local driving positions and many more. There is a difference and you have the option to choose what carrier you prefer in order to make your job the experience you want it to be.

Local truck driving jobs are ones that are desired by family people or people who need to stay in a particular area for one reason or another. So choose the region or area you would like to stay in, if you have a preference. After that, look through a list of trucking companies that interest you. Then, see which companies of those will accomodate your needs. Fill out an application and see what you end up with.

Truck Driving Jobs

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Looking for a new job in the truck driving industry can be tough in today’s economic climate. With companies trying to save money wherever possible, hiring new drivers is not only uncommon but next to impossible unless a resume is exceptional and stands out in many ways. However with the right research and background information, finding smaller and specific trucking jobs that fit one’s need and abilities more perfectly can allow for a better fit and a better chance of successfully getting a job. With the current economic climate, this is essential for those trying to get into the industry and those who are experienced veterans looking for new work.

A great example of looking for the right type of job goes as follows. By following 5 easy steps that illustrate the area of driving interest, the trucking companies available, picking companies that suit one’s needs, filling out an application, and the submission of said application, anyone can be on their way to a job that fits their profile. This is so important for general truck driving jobs, but is even more important in specific locales. Consider California truck driving jobs for example; a different type of driver is needed than a driver who is based out of Iowa or Wyoming. This is why it is so important to be thorough in one’s search and to not just jump at the first opportunity or offer. Finding a job that is perfect is do-able in the climate and being persistent is the key to that end

The Benefits of Retread Tires

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Perhaps one of the most important factors that car or truck owners obsess about is the amount of money that has to be spent on maintenance for their vehicle every year. While if the vehicle in question is used for personal purposes, that does amount to a bit yet in the case of commercial purposes, the increased use of the vehicle can also add to an increase in overheads that require regular maintenance.

One important aspect of maintenance is when tires wear out due to the regular use, and when these tires cannot be used again, this is where the concept of retread tires comes into play.

There are several benefits to using these types of tires instead of purchasing new ones, and here are three benefits that might help you see why:

Benefit #1: Saves money

This is probably the biggest benefit that comes with retreads as the costs that can be saved is almost anywhere between 30 to 70 percent. The reason for the reduction in expenditure (as opposed to new tires) is due to merely replacing the old treads with new ones while keeping the original casing intact.

Benefit #2: Saves resources

According to industry officials, retreading is one of the best ways to protect the environment as it can be viewed as recycling. Since almost 7 gallons of oil is used in making new tires New Jersey, this number is significantly reduced (almost 70 percent lesser) when you opt for the retreading of your tires.

Benefit #3: Environmentally friendly

In opting for retread tires instead of buying new ones, it is said that the landfill where these scrap tires are stored are reduced significantly, and that have been considered to be a potential threat to the environment and human health thanks to the unhealthy smoke and toxic oils that are emitted when they catch fire.

Are Retread Tires A Good Idea?

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Almost every vehicle owner will ask themselves whether or not it is a good idea to opt for retread tires as opposed to buying new ones instead. Of course, this question has to be asked in the situation where the tires are old and cannot be considered to be safe to use anymore.

Since the process involves keeping the original casing while removing the old treads and adding new ones, this obviously has a big impact on the production of new tires, which do take up a lot of resources, one being almost 7 gallons of oil per new tire.

According to government officials, in using the process of retreads, this saves almost 195 million gallons of oil every year, and without a doubt, it counts for a lot when it comes to the economy.

When it comes to overheads for the customer itself, you can save up to 30 to 70 percent of the costs especially since this process is applicable to larger tires used for commercial purposes, with one example being Michelin truck tires.

Another point that has to be taken into consideration is that since retreading is actually recycling, this results in protection of the environment as well. Here’s why: old and used tires are normally stored at landfills, and due to the retention of heat, they can emit poisonous smoke as well as oils that are hazardous to human health, and especially their environment. If you decide to retread your tires, this will ensure that fewer tires make it to these landfills thus also protecting the environment and our health, on which you can’t put a price.

So, are retread tires a good idea?

Of course, it is, and perhaps the several reasons provided earlier should tell you why it is so.