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Many factors play into whether or not a generator will work for you. Power output is the primary concern, but you must also consider the hardware you plan to use.

The Many Uses of Portable Power

In the Internet of things, our devices will stream everything to us no matter where we are. WE still have to power those devices, but the uses for a generator continue to expand. A 28-volt power supply is all that’s needed to power a small work site, or jump start a heavy duty vehicle. Even when there is no easy method of tapping into the power grid. Whether you’re in construction, or just a hobbyist, portable power units are quite handy to keep around. Here are some suggestions on how to use your portable power supply.

Generator Parties

Josh Homme of Queens of the Stoneage got his start playing generator parties in the middle of the desert when he was in high school. If you have a generator, and a rugged vehicle to carry it, you’re in for a whole new world of recreation. Generators can power everything you need, from band equipment to lighting. You bring the friends.

Working in the Field

Most equipment workmen take with them into the field is meant to run on batteries or minimal power. Still, a ground power unit can help jumpstart heavy equipment that has been sitting idle. Generators also power air compressors, which are useful with pneumatics.

Office Events & Parties

Just like a generator party, you can bring your power supply to a park or outdoor venue and host an office party. Generators typically store energy, or use a fuel source to output their power. That means that wherever you have fuel, you can have a party.

Emergency Jump-Starts

Several power supply units are used in the operation of industrial machinery and aircraft. This requires a heavy duty device, usually on a trolley. The unit is wheeled out to the craft, and the jump start is given similar to the way you might jump a car. The most powerful units can jumpstart just about any heavy machinery, but smaller units are valuable for single-engine craft.

Backup Home Electricity

In the event of an earthquake, a generator comes in handy. These natural disasters tend to take a heavy toll on the power grid in your local area, and can leave residents without power for days. Cold weather can have an equally devastating effect. A backup generator ensures you can run some of your devices, power cell phones and radios.

Small Package, Big Potential

Portable generators have become increasingly efficient over the years, with the output of some units measuring close to ten hours of uptime. Many are small enough to transport, if you have the proper equipment to do so. There are a lot of opportunities for fun and exciting projects when you consider portable power.
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How to Ship Perishable Cargo

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Perishable food shipments make vegetables available to different parts of the country all year round. It’s an exciting innovation that we tend to take for granted, but it takes great planning to get it right. Delivery must occur within a specific time frame, and it’s important that items are packed properly and insulated. Here are some tips to help you plan the transport of perishable goods.


In the US alone, spoilage accounts for up to 25% of the food waste in fruits and vegetables. That’s a loss of almost half the economic value of a crop, and the quality is also reduced during transit. Spoilage is caused by numerous factors, but the most widely accepted is variation in temperatures. As the cargo travels throughout the country, intermodal containers regulate that temperature. If the cargo is packed properly, the walls of the containers keep it insulated and the food safe from spoilage. There are also refrigerated units that regulate the temperature inside of the container as well.

Establishing a Cold Chain

It’s important for the manufacturer to work with shipping companies and retailers to establish a cold chain across the country. Transportation is expected to take anywhere from five to seven days, so it’s important to move cargo quickly. Leaving cargo in depots for too long will break the cold chain, even on insulated containers, forever reducing the crop’s value. The shipping company can use multiple drivers to solve this problem, like a relay, where one driver connects with another at a depot in a specified location.

Manage Transport

Shipping is logistically complicated. You need to keep an accurate count of what goes into your Conex containers, and be able to account for losses along the way. You might also wish to monitor the shipment, like tracking a package from Amazon, so you can be sure it arrives at its destination on time. Software can help in this arena, giving periodic updates on your stock as it moves from one location to the next. Perishable goods especially, are vulnerable to breaks in the supply chain. Any delays should be reported and dealt with as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Shipping perishable items requires planning for all aspects of the journey. Shipping companies must schedule breaks in shipping, to account for their drivers, or they must make arrangements to move the cargo seamlessly. There is ample opportunity for spoilage along the way, so a good shipping container will help reduce some of that waste and save the manufacturer money in the long run.
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