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Saving Money on Car Rentals

August 27, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Taking a vacation can be very expensive, especially when taken during certain times of the year. Every popular vacation destination – like the Caymen Islands – has a peak season. Peak season is the time of year that most tourists visit the location. Because of the influx of travelers during the peak season, accommodations like hotels and car rentals are often priced higher. There are many ways to save money on a car rental in the Caymen Islands and shopping around various agencies comparing prices is the first step. For instance, someone who is looking for a car rental in Grand Caymen Island could go online to compare the local agency prices or call them up to check their rates.

Booking a car rental well in advance of a planned trip is another great way to save money. Most agencies will provide a discount if a booking is made several weeks to several months in advance. Further, larger agencies regularly run promotions for free rental days or a discounted rate during certain times of the year. To ensure the most savings, anyone who is in the market to rent a car should definitely compare prices, perks and incentives among several different agencies before making their final selection.

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